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Japanese Calligraphy to imbue your name with samurai spirit!

Custom made brushwork art drawn by a master calligrapher! Using a specially created calligraphy style, show power through your name! Igen (威玄) is a striking brush lettering design that takes inspiration from samurai warriors of the Warring States Era. With the concept that everyone who is trying to fight to accomplish something is a warrior, we teamed up with a Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy, master who has over 40 years of experience. 

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The typeface that has been used for the calligraphy has been created by a pro calligrapher who has won awards in Japan over his long career, and is a fusion of various styles. It is made to give an impact to the viewer, and looks to imbue your name with samurai spirit. 

Special Impactful Writing that is Unique

Create your own unique original goods!

One option available is to receive your calligraphised name in data form! This means that you can make your own original goods, either for yourself to give you power during the day, or to give as a gift to make a powerful statement that is always in the receivers mind! 

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