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Washi Paper Thread Samue Jacket & Pants

Made using historic Mino Washi Thread, this set is super lightweight, supple, but incredibly durable! Utilising rare Mino Washi Thread made in one of the big three manufacturing centres of Japan, we want to introduce you to a Jacket & Pants Suit Set that looks to fuse modern style with a Japanese traditional samue that has been passed down over the years

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The set is made using a material that is breathable so it can be worn no matter the season! We recommend you wear the set during the summer when it can get humid and sticky, as the clothes don’t stick to the skin when worn, and even if you sweat it glides on the skin.

A breathable material that can be worn no matter the season!

A surprising lightness that makes it comfortable to wear

The lightweight fabric combined with a comfortable fit means that it can be used for a variety of situations, from business to travel! At an average weight of 247g, you can wear the set for a long time without getting tired! 

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