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The Tokoname-yaki Coffee Kyusu: Experience Authentic Coffee

Using a special filter that keeps in the tasty coffee oils, combined with traditional pottery, you can make amazing coffee at home!! Bringing to you an easy-to-use coffee pot, that can draw out the perfect coffee, in every area, from taste to smell! Change how you drink coffee forever and enjoy a deeply satisfying cup of joe!  

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You only need 3 minutes and you can have a perfect cup of coffee! You can even adjust the amount of water and grounds to make a coffee that is the perfect flavour for you. You can even add ice for an easily made-iced coffee! And thanks to the process that makes Tokoname-yaki, coffee is without sourness or off-tastes, and is deep and rich. This is mainly due to the small uneveness in the pot

Make beautiful coffee in just 3 minutes without any off tastes!

A brilliantly thought of design that makes it easy to hold and pour

The handle The handle is made to be easy to grip. This makes it perfect when pouring brewed coffee! The spout is also designed to pour liquid easily without spilling!

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