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Samurai hoodie: A unique hoodie utilising upcycled kimonos!

A new zip-up hoodie that uses real kimono fabric lets you enjoy traditional culture combined with brilliant comfort! For this project, the makers are looking to make a zip-up hoodie that can be worn all year round. These hoodies that utilise true kimono fabric, are all unique, and your hoodie will truly be made for you!

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The biggest charm of these hoodies is the extremely unique kimono pattern that is sewn into the back of the hoodie. While the kimono may be used for several jumpers, each section has a different part of the kimono, meaning that the pattern is different for each jumper. 

Each hoodie unique

Simply washable using a regular washing machine!

You can use a normal washing machine to wash the clothes, but as the kimono section is made from silk, when you wash it, it may shrink or wrinkle. This lets you wear the hoodie everyday, allowing you to bring a part of Japanese style to your family wardrobe. 

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