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A High Functional Down Jacket, Perfect for Polar Expeditions

Made with input from famous Japanese Polar explorer, Yasu Ogita, this jacket utilises recycled down, and is great for everyday life! With a fill power of 600, this parka is not only great for everday use, but will be there to protect you in harsh weather, and the specially designed hood means that snow and rain won't bother you as you head out into a storm! A special Launch Return lets you get the POLEWARDS jacket at 30% off the RRP! 

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The hood has been designed with polar exploration in mind, and as such, special features have been added to make the hood fit for purpose. A wire has been added to the lining of the hood, which ensures that even if the wind is blowing strongly, it won't falter, and thanks to the special loops found on the hood, it is adjustable using just one hand. The face is also made to be deep set into the hood, protecting it better from the elements.

A hood designed by an Arctic Explorer

A special Eco-fur hits the stage

The fur that encompasses the hood and helps to reduce wind chill and snow and rain getting in your face is a new addition to the POLEWARDS Jacket and it is in fact removable as well, for days where you don’t need it!

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