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The Nata is a cutting tool specific to Japan with an outstanding sharpness. It is mainly used for forestry and gardening and has been around in Japan for a very long time. This project is a Nata-style kitchen knife, a hybrid of the classic kitchen knife and the Nata, that is easy to use around the kitchen daily, but takes advantage of the Nata's incredible sharpness! It is a very versatile tool that can cut meat, fish and vegetables, but also logs, branches and bamboo, easily switching from cooking to bushcraft.

From Japanese Nata to Kitchen Knife

Nata-Style Kitchen Knife | An Original Hybrid Knife

High-quality knives with a unique design, handmade one by one by a skilled blacksmith from Okayama Prefecture! The Nata-Style Kitchen Knife is an hybrid between the Japanese Nata and a kitchen knife, making an extra versatile tool, useful in indoor as well as outdoor settings.

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A Specially Designed Sheath

Outstanding sharpness also means the tool must be handled with care and caution! For this purpose, it comes with a special sheath for outdoor use. This accessory, made by a sewing craftsman in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, in Japan, is made of Japanese denim fabric and leather and is the product of a collaboration between Japanese craftsmen. It is handmade, just as the knife is, and the denim from Kurashiki that is used in its making is renowned worldwide!

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