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The KISEN brand is made using wood from the local surrounding areas in Toyama prefecture. It is carefully shaved to a precise thickness which has a precision of 0.1mm. The bottoms are then fitted with traditionally cast bottoms, lacquered using the traditional Japanese technique of Urushi lacquering! The pair cup set is a special new addition to the KISEN family, with Kickstarter Users able to get the first batch of these gorgeous cups, but the whole KISEN Series is also available during this campaign!

Natural wood and Japanese craftsmanship

Pair Married Cups: A whole new addition to the KISEN Family

Perfect for partners, the Pair Married Couple Sake Cups represent a strong marital bond, with a brass base to keep the cup stable! The KISEN brand is made via a collaboration of various craftsmen, found in the traditional crafting town of Takaoka, and combines traditional Japanese culture with modern refined designs to make a superb sake cup series!

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A meaning behind the concept

As with our other cup models, this model has a meaning behind the concept, with the pair cups being designed to represent a strong marital bond. With a brass bottom that takes up much more of the cup than other models, it helps create a strong and stable base for the cup. The Red and Black colors match each other well and compliment each other. Making it a brilliant pair cup set for couples!

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