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Named "DuRē" after the similar French word, meaning "to last" or "tough", this silk scarf combines the unique luster, comfort, and texture of silk with strength. Two special treatments, "Hyper Guard Treatment" and "Fireproof Treatment", have also been applied to the fabric to make it wear and flame-resistant, making it especially suited for the outdoor! It is also washable, breathable and protects your skin from UV rays.

Tough, washable, and skin-friendly high-performance scarf

Extreme Silk Scarf DuRē | A Modern Update to Antique Scarves

In a combination of tradition and innovation, these scarves ally an antique design with a modern twist, with high-functionality silk! This "wrap-around gear" is both beautiful and resistant, taking your outdoor experience one step further.

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Ancient Yokohama silk scarves made up-to-date!

This project is bringing back scarves that were once exported from the port of Yokohama to the rest of the world more than 60 years ago! The fabrics from those days were recently digitized and arranged to match the modern age. The result is beautiful and modern scarves with a vintage feel!

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