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Yokai Pendant Charms: Bring a bit of spookiness to your life

These highly detailed Japanese traditional ghost charms are perfect for those that like the odd or weird parts of Japanese culture! With a whole selection of both well known and more uncommon yokai on offer, you are more than likely to find one that you will fall in love with! The charms are beautifully handmade with each charm having the artisans soul poured into them. With launch specials that are 50% off the future RRP, you can get these charms only on Kickstarter at a wonderful discount! So don't miss out!

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Each charm comes with a pouch, as well as a strap and connector. You can use them to affix the charms to your house keys or car keys as a charm to ward off evil. You could even attach it to your wallet to bring good luck. Or wear it as a pendant to give yourself a unique style! 

Multiple ways to use and wear!

Meticulously handmade 

Each model starts life as a handmade model, that has had every detail intricately etched using specialist tools. These models are the basis for the moulds that the silver is poured into, allowing for beautiful charms that have hidden details that would not normally be possible! 

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