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Wrapup - iPhone Case: Super Slim Wallet Style Case

This amazing case is slim, but extremely sturdy, and can hold all you need as we move toward a cashless society! You can even split the phone into its parts, so that when you want to just use the hard case on its own, or keep the flip case so that you have access to your cards! The hardcase also allows you to use MagSafe charging, so you don't need to worry about removing the phone when you want to charge! Sign up to get notified on launch so you can pick up a new style of iPhone Case via launch specials at up to 30% off!

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 A MagSafe compatible charging section is found in the Hard Case, meaning you can just use it to charge. What's more the flip case part of the Wrapup iPhone Case works with iPhones from 12th gen to 15th gen including the Pro series as well! This means that by just changing the hardcase, you can also use the same flip case with different generations! 

​MagSafe Compatible

Utilises a water-repellent stretchy fabric

The Wrapup uses polycarbonate and silicone to help protect against drops and bumps in the making of the hard case and flip case. This looks to protect your phone during outdoor activities and any accidents that may occur. What’s more, the water-repellant fabric, as well as the YKK-made AquaGuard, protects your phone on rainy days. The Wrapup can easily hold up to 10 cards, 5 bills, 20 coins, and 10 business cards with ease thanks to the stretchy material that is used to make it. With 3 separate pockets, you can also store your items in different areas so you can find them with ease.

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