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Leggiero V3 A new type of geta on another level of comfort

This innovative new style of geta is comfortable and can flex reducing the strain found normally in traditional geta! Important to Japanese culture, and showing off Japanese craftsmanship, these geta will support you in your everyday life! 
Use this as a chance to learn about traditional Japanese footwear culture, and discover the world of geta and zori.

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The Leggiero V3 takes the traditional geta and gives it a special bending ability that makes it much easier to walk in, as most traditional geta are unbending. This allows for the geta to disperse the shock as the foot falls and helps to reduce fatigue and pain, making for a whole new level of comfort!

A specialised bend that reduces the burden on the feet!

A beautiful wood grain with an amazing aroma thanks to the hinoki wood!

The surface of the white wooden part is coated with a natural oil, which helps to protect it from dirt sticking to it, while also allowing the user to feel the natural wood texture. The coating that we use is a human-friendly coating made from natural vegetable oils and plant waxes and contains no harmful thinners or chemicals. As well as this, unlike synthetic coatings, this doesn’t affect the wood’s ability to respire or its texture. This means that the wood’s natural humidity-regulating properties aren’t affected, which makes it stain-resistant, and you can enjoy the amazing texture of the wood.

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