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Washi is a natural, high-performance material, that is gentle on the skin with its humidity-regulating properties, and has a deodorant effect that suppresses bacteria responsible for odors. It also quickly absorbs perspiration, is resistant to sweat stains, and has a UV-cut effect!

With such functionality and casual design, these tops are perfect not only for daily use, but also for sports, mountain climbing, and nightwear in any season.

The brilliant properties of Washi yarn

People and Earth-Friendly 100% Japanese Washi Paper T-Shirt

Traditional yet highly functional, this anti-odor, humidity-regulating, and UV-blocking fabric protects both your skin and the planet. Washi, Japan’s oldest paper material, has a history of over 1,400 years, and yet it remains widely used even in our modern times. Combining traditional washi paper with technology and know-how cultivated over the past 90 years since their founding, Wakoh created clothing made of 100% washi, a 100% natural product born from the earth, and that goes back to the earth!

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Protects not only your skin but also the planet

The apparel industry has the second highest environmental impact after the oil industry. It is estimated that a truckload of clothes is discarded every second worldwide. It is not hard to see how the environmental pollution caused by the fashion industry has become a serious problem.

Made entirely from a perennial plant called Manila hemp, which grows in the wild without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Washi paper is an eco-friendly material that returns to the soil. This is a reason why Wakoh is particular about making their clothes 100% washi.

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