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Okayama cotton weaving has been around since the Edo Period, and this denim is produced in a way that doesn’t lend itself to mass production, using shuttle looms, which uses less tension, which means that the surface of the fabric is not always smooth and is uneven, which in regards to denim is a luxurious feel, and is used by many leading Western brands. The reason that Selvedge Denim is high quality and expensive is mainly due to the time that goes into making it. 

The Wa-Denim jeans uses this Okayama Selvedge denim, combining it with polyurethane to help the material stretch better, meaning that it is authentic selvedge denim with superior comfort!

Okayama selvedge denim, used by the world's leading brands

Wa-Denim Jeans: Japanese Selvedge Denim X Kimono fabric

A fusion of Okayama-made selvedge denim and special Kyo Yuzen, a traditional Japanese dyeing method used on kimono fabric. Combined with polyurethane to help the material stretch better, this authentic selvedge denim is of superior comfort! Its elegant design makes this pair of jeans a perfect match for both casual and formal settings!

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A three-dimensional cut that helps to give comfort, while also contouring the legs perfectly!

The designers of the Okayama denim have made a pattern that makes the jeans conform to the body while also giving a comfortable fit. As well as this, the jeans have been calculated down to the smallest detail, with the shape and size of the back pocket, the position and thickness of the stitch, and so on to make sure that the jeans are super comfortable to wear, while also looking stylish.

The front belt loops and the patch found on the back use the tango chirimen Kyo Yuzen dyed silk!

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