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1. A design that fits any situation

Be it at a campground using a campfire, or a bbq in your garden, or just cooking at home for dinner, the Umecyu Iron Grill Plate works amazingly well in any situation as it is compatible with most heat sources including, IH, gas, direct fire, ceramic heating and more!

2. Outstanding heat retentiveness

The combination of the perfect plate thickness with the use of ductile iron, stronger than normal iron, makes for the Umecyu Iron Grill Plate's ability to heat food uniformly and efficiently, as well as its brilliant heat retentiveness.

3. A special groove to stop juice and oil from escaping

The Umecyu Iron Grill Plate has special grooves that help the juices to spread around the plate as a whole as well as catch and then move these juices and oils to a special concave area on both sides near the handles, making it easier to cook delicious food and to dispose of after cooking.

The 3 secrets for extra-tasty food!

The Umecyu Iron Grill Plate: A portable plate for bbqing!

No matter where you are, cook beautifully juicy meat whenever and bring your grilling game to a whole new level be it at home or while camping thanks to honed craftsmanship over 74 years! The Umecyu Iron Grill Plate is perfect for cooking meat and hamburgers and so on, but it is also very well suited for cooking things like paella, fried noodles, fried rice, eggs, vegetables, and so on! The plate is limited only to your imagination!

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A gem made near Mt. Fuji!

Located at the foot of a symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Umezawa Chuko is the creator of the Umecyu Iron Grill Plate. Founded in 1948, for 74 years they have been making cast-metal products, and their craftsmen have been honing their skills and passing them down to create items of outstanding quality.

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