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The same type of leather that was used in Samurai General Armour, wagyu leather, is the leather that is used for the watch strap. It is resistant to rubbing and chaffing. The thread that is used is also made from old shrimping nets from Ise Shima, helping to make the strap even more sustainable.

Using amazing leather found in traditional Samurai Warrior armour

UDEMACI | Antique pocket watches become stylish wristwatches

Antique pocket watches made in Japan are beautiful to look at and are extremely unique. However they don't fit well with todays fashion in their current form. That's why with a specially patented attachment and a brilliant chic kuroge wagyu leather you can wear amazing antique pocket watches in a more modern style! You can get a hold of many one of a kind pocket watches during the project as well!

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Unique, one of a kind antique pocket watches

The watches that are available during the project are unique one of a kind watches, each one intricately made, using various skills such as hand engraving and so on. 

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