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The U-Ten All Weather Tabi Sneakers’ biggest feature is of course the waterproofing and water repellency of the shoe which  works well with the breatheability of the shoe as well!

Brilliant Waterproofing and Water Repellency

U-Ten All Weather Tabi Sneakers v2 Uber Grip & Stylish!

No matter the weather or season, these shoes are here to support you! With all new rubber sole, these are even more grippy! Tabi sneakers are based on traditional tabi shoes and socks, which have their roots in special socks that were worn when wearing traditional sandals such as zori, geta and setta.

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Can be folded up compactly!

You can fold the shoes up, with them only being about 6cm wide when done so! This allows for easy storage in your suitcase or back pack side pockets! You can take these shoes with you as a second pair of shoes without needing to worry if you have the space! 

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