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The Urushi Tsurubami Collection

Brilliant unisex pouches that have been made using traditional Urushi in a unique way! Japanese urushi is well known around the world as a quintessential part of Japanese luxury, as is seen in various high-end items such as feudal lord’s furniture, or quality urushi craft items that are valued at extremely high prices. For this creators first project, they have taken a hint from the pouches that Japanese Bushido would wear, and have created a new type of pouch utilising this thread.

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Since ancient times, urushi has been known for its potential for repelling mould and when researched has been found to be anti-bacterial. The thread used has these same properties. Therefore when it comes to humid climates, this urushi thread is even easier to care for than leather.  


Lightweight & Beautiful

The bag is extremely lightweight but has been woven with care, with each pattern that is woven into the bag having meaning! There are three patterns to choose from, Sakura & Pine Leaf Diamond (with or without the Asano Crest) | Kumiki & Stripes (with or without the Takeda Crest) | Hemp Leaf & Cloisonne (with or without the Kato Crest), which also lets you include the family crest of a famous samurai!

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