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Since sashiko is made by piling thread and fabric upon each other, it is well cushioned, and at the same time, can distribute weight better while feeling light and flexible, just what you need when using a bag. This fabric being extra tough it is also washable and easy to clean, definitely an advantage over other bags that are usually rather troublesome to clean.

An overwhelmingly strong but cushioning material

The Sodateru Rucksack & Sling Bag: Judogi inspired backpack!

Durable but also stylish, these bags looks to support you like it would as a judogi! Help preserve Japanese-made sashiko fabric! Sashiko stitched fabric is know for being extremely durable and resistant, 1.5x stronger than canvas, making it the perfect material for a day bag, or even as a business bag you can trust to carry a lot of things, or even when you’re just taking the essentials!

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3 different fashionable designs

This campaign feature two new and exclusive designs! The Sodateru Rucksack, convenient to carry heavier or larger items with a wide opening, and the Sodateru Sling Bag that can hold all your essentials on your outings. It also features the classic Sashiko Tote bag in 2 different sizes and multiple colors, to fit any outfit and stay at your side for a very long time!

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