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Nanbutekki is said to be usable for 100 years, and we have customers that have told us that they have been using iron kettles that we have made for 3 generations, passing it down along the ages. Ironware that we made 60 years ago, as long as they are maintained, can still be used safely for the coming years.

Super Durable & Lasts for Decades!

Tetsunabe LABO: The all round iron pot!

The traditional Japanese iron cooking pot, the hagama, has new life breathed into it, with the help of nanbutekki craftsmanship! Nanbutekki is a brilliant crafting method that has been around for around 950 years, and was traditionally used for the creation of Buddhist ritual items! This casting method is now used to create pots, pans, kettles, and so on that will last for an extremely long time! 

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Great at transfering heat while also retaining it as well!

Iron cookware is normally rather thick, which helps with heat retention, which also means that it passes on the heat through to the food extremely well. Stainless steel and Aluminium are normally quite thin and so their heat retentiveness is suboptimal. The Tetsunabe LABO is about 4mm thick. As iron doesn’t cool down quickly, it is perfect for making stews and so on!

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