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We help launch several projects on Kickstarter monthly, helping amazing Japanese Creators connect to amazing backers in the West!

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Terahertz is a frequency, in which an item vibrates a trillion times per second, and has characteristics between that of light and radio waves. It has been subject to various studies in the health and beauty world. This Terahertz stone is mixed into the ink that is used for printing and then the pattern is printed onto the fabric, transferring this terahertz stone. As it is a hoodie you can wear it to lounge around at home or for when you want to go outside!

Terahertz for good vibes

The Terahertz Hoodie: A feel good jumper that is stylish!

Made with organic cotton, and featuring a pattern that brings good luck, this jumper looks to put you in a great mood when you wear it! Bringing peace to the world via fashion is the main ideal of Hana Rukai, the head of the Japan Society of Soutache, and this is what this Kickstarter project looks to achieve through its special hoodies that look to support healthy everyday life!

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A commitment to ethical materials

Made of 100% organic cotton. this fabric is not only kind to the environment but also to your skin! Organic cotton is cotton that has been grown and produced with safety in mind, using only natures blessings to cultivate it. This means a use of chemicals reduced to the strict minimum in the pursuit of lower health and environmental impacts!

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