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The Tatami Yoga Mat: Updated for overseas users!

Made using only the finest Japanese grown rush, this durable yoga mat has been made not only bigger, but also new designs are available. As the domestic use of tatami has dramatically decreased, the creator looks to find new ways of using this amazing part of traditional Japanese culture. With 138 years of experience as an interior design manufacturer that deals nearly exclusively with Japanese tatami products, they look to make the most of our know-how to make this project a success. 

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Based on feedback from current customers, we have created a new larger size Tatami Yoga Mat! With this size increase, we hope that those who are taller or bigger can use this and feel more comfortable compared to other mats that you might previously have used. This in particular is focused at overseas backers, who are generally taller than Japanese people.

A larger easy-to-use size

Easy to roll up and carry

The Tatami Yoga Mat can be rolled up to make it easy to store or carry about. You can enjoy the mat wherever and whenever! When you roll up the tatami, you need to roll it up with the pattern facing out. The PVC side of the mat should be on the inside. If not done so this may cause the two parts to separate.

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