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Sumitsune Happi A Traditionally Dyed Happi for Everyday Wear

This traditionally hand-dyed Happi jacket has been designed to match with most Western Clothes letting you wear it in everyday life! The Happi is a piece of Japanese culture that has been passed down since ancient times, and today is one of the biggest symbols of festivals held in Summer! The creators are looking to make them something that can be worn more casually, while also creating a new business model outside of these festival happis! 

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The Hapis are dyed using a special method where the dyers create a pattern on the fabric before dyeing and protect it with a special paste so that when the fabric is dip dyed, the area is safe. Then after the dyeing has been finished, the paste is removed, revealing a clear and bold symbol!

A Special Symbol-Dyed Happi  

A perfect match for both Japanese and Western Clothes

A traditional happi is made so that the sleeves are a bit shorter than normal jackets, and are generally a simple coat with no pockets. This happi has been made so that the sleeves are longer, which means that you can still wear it as a jacket, but if you roll the sleeves it looks like a traditional happi, with an added accent on the cuffs! Pockets have also been added to make it more functional in today's society, where many tend to carry wallets, phones, headphones, and so on! 

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