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The Intricately Beautiful Zodiac Glass Figure Series

Traditionally ancient and wonderfully vivid Japanese ornaments utilise multi-layered glass, handmade by glass-making artisans. After their first Kickstarter project showcasing traditionally made windchimes, Suikobo are back with some wonderful figures based on the zodiac that bring good luck! 

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Since ancient times in Japan, we have had a long-standing tradition of valuing items that bring luck, and we often place these items in the home, or the office, or give them to our loved ones as a present. These traditions are based on our culture, as well as Buddhist beliefs that are a core part of our society. We hope that you use these figures as a lucky item, or give them to someone close to you to bring them luck as well. 

Used to bring good luck into the home!

Traditionally Handmade By Artisans

The ornaments are handmade one by one, and the Zodiac figures, and the Baby Spotted Turtle have been made so that they can be displayed anywhere while having a cute figure. The Dragon figure is a figure that conveys power and energy and is majestically powerful. Glass figure-making is a battle with time. Figures are made by heating glass to high temperatures, which means that they can’t be moulded directly by hand, and it means that a vast selection of tools need to be employed, all of which needs to be done before the glass cools.

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