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The Suigetsu teapot is made from clay traditionally used to make Kawara roof tiles, found on the roofs of Japanese style houses. Inspired by the layer of carbon covering these tiles and the researches on activated carbon, we found a way to soak carbon directly into the clay of the Suigetsu teapot, reproducing the effect of activated carbon on food and drinks! Carbon has the propriety to absorb bitterness and other interfering flavours, making the sweetness and umami of tea and sake stand out! Your go to beverage will have never tasted better!

Rediscover the taste of tea and sake!

Suigetsu Teapot | The New Taste of Tea and Sake in a Hand-Crafted Teapot

Enjoy the surprising effect of the Kawara tile clay as tea and traditional tile makers worked together to create this unique teapot. This teapot combines the history of Japanese tea and Kawara tiles with the latest research, to present your with a different experience that will stimulate your every senses and offer you a glimpse into Japan's ancient culture!

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A teapot that appeals to the five senses

The Suigetsu teapot's material and design have been carefully thought to stir all your senses. Its material makes you able to enjoy the brand new taste of your usual beverage, while the lid, designed after Mt.Fuji and reflecting the different phases of the moon, is a pleasure for the eyes! Adding to this, the unique texture of the Kawara tile, and the pleasing sound of the original sliding lid, all contributing to the charm of this unique teapot that will last you for decades if carefully used!

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