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SOLADEY 5: The Next Step in Oral Hygiene

Using just water and light, it emits electrons to remove plaque and give your teeth a smooth feel! Patented in 12 countries! A special titanium oxide core combined with a solar panel allows for this amazingly high tech toothbrush to brush your dental regime into the modern era! Launch specials are available at 20% off the future RRP, letting you change your whole dental regime for a superb price!! 

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The Soladey 5 has been made with a special TiO2 (titanium dioxide) semiconductor which when it gets wet, emits electrons, which have a negative charge. Combined with a solar panel that emits electrons when light hits it makes it extra effective. These electrons travel up the brush and when brushed against the teeth, helps to remove plaque as well as repel same charge bacteria that cause cavities! 

A ingenious Titanium Oxide core combined with a solar panel creates a way to repel plaque!

A new type of brush head first for Kickstarter Users

For Kickstarter users, the makers of the SOLADEY 5 are making This brush head features antibacterial filaments that are twisted with silver ions and charcoal that has been produced from Ubame oak (also known as binchotan). These brush heads help to get into the hard to reach areas and bring out any dirt that may be stuck to the teeth

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