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New Version SoH Functional Outdoor x Fashion Gloves

Now upgraded with a new Silicon x Para-Aramid palm material for increased heat and slash/stab resistance! Made to be extremely high-spec, the gloves are brilliantly flame, heat, cut, and stab resistant. They are not only tough, but also easy to work in, and thanks to the Japanese sewing technology that has gone into making them, they are a culmination of both function and form!

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Placed on the palm of the gloves the Para-Aramid Fabric offers some amazing protection. The palms of the gloves have been made with the Silicone×Para-Aramid knit which has a high slashing resistance. On top of that, we have added a stab resistance by laying a special material on top. This can help to prevent injury when working with nails, sharp rocks, glass, and other things. 

Slash & Stab Resistant

Heat & Flame Resistant

The gloves are also heat & flame resistant, letting you build a fire while keeping safe! The leather combined with the special Silicone x Para-Aramid fabric makes for a brilliantly durable pair of gloves. 

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