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It may look like a normal food container, but the secret behind what makes it special is hidden underneath the lid. Attached to the silicon lid, is a pair of tongs that makes it easier to transfer food from the container! These tongs may look small, but they can hold heavy, small, and slippery items firmly, and are extra easy to wash! It is a hygienic alternative to use when serving food from the container to others' plates without having to take out extra spoons, forks, or chopsticks. Which also means less washing up to do!

Brilliantly convenient

Lidden Tongs Container: A container with tongs in the lid

An ingenious container that will make your life easier thanks to the hidden tongs in its lid! On top of reducing the amount of washing up needed, it is made of a special eco-friendly material that reduces CO2 emissions! The Lidden Tongs Container's original design was a huge success in Japan, and it is finally available overseas with this campaign!

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Green Nano technology for less carbon emission

Considering the heavy environmental impact of plastic goods, especially when they are inappropriately discarded, and the CO2 emission they produce, we decided to utilize a new material, Green Nano, for these containers. By just adding a small amount (3%) of the Green Nano material to plastic in the production phase, when the plastic is burnt, it can reduce the amount of CO2 emission released by a very large amount (approx.60%). This Green Nano technology is a next-generation technology from Japan, and has started to draw attention as being a solution to the microplastic problem, as well as the environmental impact of discarded plastic.

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