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SIKI : Pure Titanium Cutting Board

This chopping board is the future! With no worries about odor transferring, rust, or mold, it is hygienic, and easy to handle! Also thanks to being made by using titanium, the cutting board is extremely lightweight! You can cut on the board and serve on the dining table using the same board without worry! The version available on Kickstarter is an even larger version, perfect for home cooks! 

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99.9% pure titanium is ⅓ as hard as normal stainless steel knives, so you don't need to worry about damaging your knife when you chop using this board. When used, the knife may cause small scratches, but this is evidence that the knife is harder than the board. Pure titanium is like gold in that it is corrosion-resistant, and won’t rust due to the scratches.

A sturdy long-lasting board that will last a lifetime

No Odour Transfer

When it comes to cutting the smelly stuff like garlic or fish, you don’t need to worry about the board absorbing the smells. You can use it after a rinse to cut other food without needing to worry

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