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Button up and put it on in 90 seconds, thanks to a separate top and bottom that are machine washable. This helps to transform the kimono from a time-consuming and high-maintenance garment that can only be worn on specific occasions, to a fashionable and original outfit that can easily be worn on a daily basis!

Japan’s fashionable Kimono in your daily life!

Shin Kimono: A new style of Kimono straight from Japan

The Kimono takes on a casual form with this wonderful tie up between modern day tastes and traditional crafting methods! Modern and innovative, this "everyday kimono" comes separate, with a top and bottoms that can be combined with clothes and sneakers! It can be worn as a Japanese kimono by combining them, or as a western outfit with a touch of Japan's fashion sense by combining it with western clothes or using the piece separately!

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Made in Japan quality

In recent days, many inexpensive kimonos, such as those used for cosplay, are made in China and Southeast Asia. However, most of them are nothing more than clothes with low-quality fabrics and textures, imitating the shape of a kimono. Penguin Apparel believes that the kimono is a garment very unique to Japan, and so they have created "Shinkimono", an inexpensive yet stylish line of clothing, Made in Japan and carefully sewn by Japanese craftsmen for the best quality.

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