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All Stainless Steel Forged Scissors

Made in Tsubame-Sanjo, we want to bring these easy to use and extremely sharp serrated scissors to the rest of the world. Made using special forging techniques, these made in Japan scissors are perfect for those that are nervous to cut things using a knife, but still want to cook things in the kitchen. Made to be dissambled when it needs washing this pair of scissors is the last pair of scissors you will ever need.With launch returns available for the first 24 hours sign up so you don't miss your chance to get a pair at a brilliant discount!

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These scissors are created using a forging process. This process involves heating the metal to an extremely high temperature and then hammering the metal into shape. By doing so, the process helps to make the metal have a higher degree of strength than it normally would. Blades that have been forged normally have a higher density structure. Because of this, the wear and tear of the blade is reduced, and can hold its edge for longer. These are more durable than those that are made using pressing methods.

Forged to create a strong and durable blade

A serrated edge to help make the scissors cut even better!

A serrated edge to help cut through tough raw meat, fats, skin, and so on, without the blades slipping. You can even cut through things such as crab, thanks to the durability of the blades. This makes these scissors a wonder in the kitchen!

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