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My Cafe Pot: Make amazing tasting tea and coffee!

Thanks to a patented double filtration system, make tea and coffee more environmentally friendly without the need for paper filters! The special double filtration system uses holes of varying sizes to help filter different beverages in different ways, meaning that all you need to do is wash the pot to make a different brew without any extra addons! Make brilliant tea and coffee every time thanks to this ingenius pot! 

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Made using Shigaraki-yaki methods to make the pot, you can be sure that no metal is included, which means that you won't get any metallic tastes in your brew. The pots are all handmade, meaning that your pot will be unique to you, and you won't be able to fine another that is exactly the same! Shigaraki-ware uses only the highest quality shigaraki clay, which is suitable for making large objects, which many are required in our daily life, such pots and vases

Each Pot is Handmade and are all Unique!

A special double filtration system

A special patented two stage filtration system is used for this pot, which the creators say is unique and hasn't been created before. The strainers together have over 950 holes that are of varying size. These two types of holes help to filter and strain the tea and coffee. First the larger holes on the middle strainer helps to strain most of the tea leaves and coffee grounds, and then the coffee and tea that has been able to escape through the first strainer is then stopped at the top strainer which are the holes on the lid, which are much finer and stops any grounds or leaves from leaving the pot!

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