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Senrei Towels: A luxurious towel made using special thread

Brilliantly vibrant & extremely water absorbent, these towels use thread that is processed using a rare and unique manufacturing method. This thread, which has been specially developed by a Japanese thread making company, makes the towels wonderfully luxurious while also being full of colour! Special launch returns are available for the first 24 hours letting you pick up a towel or two at up to 50% off! 

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Senrei towel is brilliantly luxurious while also not shedding its fluff, combined with a vibrant colour that doesn’t fade, all made possible due to the LUX-SIL thread that we have developed! LUX-SIL is a unique thread that is created here in Japan, and uses an extremely rare processing technique. It is created and processed by extremely skilled craftsmen at a Japanese factory.

A specially made thread: LUX-SIL

Brilliant absorbency

Senrei towel is excellently absorbent, meaning that you can wipe off any drops on the body in one fell swoop. 

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