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Tokowaka Fans: Ancient Timber Brings a Cool Breeze in Summer

Made using wood that has naturally fallen in Japan's biggest Shrine, Ise Jingu, these fans are a pleasure to all the senses! With two types to choose from, as well as special water repellent wax which is not only functional but also has a beautiful aroma, you can pick up a fan that is full of Japanese culture when it launches! 

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The grain of the wood is not the only thing that is beautiful about these fans, but also the texture and the smell are exquisitely unique and they are said to be so characteristically appealing that words can't truly describe them! As you fan yourself with it, the aroma of the wood is blown into your face and feels refreshing. 

Pleasing to all the senses

Made using sacred timber!

The wood that is used in the creation of the fans is Miyama cedar, which is a tree that can be found on the grounds of Ise Jingu Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in Japan, and is the location where the Japanese God Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined. The trees used are ones that have been blown down or felled during storms, or trees that have needed to be felled to make the area safe, and as such they are extremely limited in quantity! 

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