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Sapporo Blades: A knife series forged by a true artisan

Made in Hokkaido, known for its beautiful nature and harsh climate, this beautifully made blade is a must-have for any home chef! With a special damascus steel that creates a stunning pattern on the face of the blade, it will be a true talking point of your kitchen for guests, while also being a special companion for all your cooking adventures.

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The Kasumi series has a wonderful matte-like finish, that looks like water vapor rising from a lake, which is what the name Kasumi means in Japanese, a haze or mist. Damascus steel also comes with a ripple effect on the knife's edge and is used to create some awesomely sharp blades that will stand out when compared to materials used in knife making. You can enjoy the expression of the knife that grows with repeated use and sharpening, so it is a knife that you want to use for a long time.

A Free Forged Damascus Finish

A beautiful chestnut handle

This knife's handle uses wood from the Hidaka region in Hokkaido, a wonderful chestnut wood. This is exclusive to Kickstarter users! Hokkaido’s winter season is especially long and cold, and the chestnut has a very tight woodgrain which is due to how it slowly grows, and it is a wonderful feature of the wood

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