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Indigo Dyed Tote Bag | A Made in Japan Sashiko Fabric Bag

From the dyeing methods to the fabric used, this tote bag contains Japanese tradition, technique, and commitment to the very core! From the teamwork of an indigo dyed fabric manufacturer with a history of over 150 years and a bag manufacturer with over 74 years of history, a new tote bag made of indigo dyed fabric, is coming to Kickstarter!

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The fabric used is sturdy and has a unique textured fabric that cannot be found anywhere else. We have decided to use indigo-dyed sashiko fabric, which for those that do not know, sashiko fabric has been used for kendo wear for ages. Its characteristics are quite special and unique, gradually developing an original “mood” or “feeling” depending on who uses it and how. The fabric is known for its extreme durability, so you can enjoy the natural color change over time

Traditional & Sturdy Sashiko Fabric

Stylish & High Capacity Design

The indigo color is easy to pair with both everyday clothes and suits, saving you the worries and time of coordinating your look. It can easily hold an iPad, wallet, cellphone, A4 size files, magazines, etc., so it can be used for commuting to work or school.

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