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The Sake Hack Project: Upgrade your favourite drinks today!!

In just half a day you can make your favourite alcohol taste like cask-aged alcohol, thanks to specialised aromatic wood plates! By pouring your favourite spirits into the specialised container, and adding one of seven plates, it will allow you to try a new flavour every time, and what's more the flavour will change depending on how long you let the alcohol sit, as well as how many times you've used the plates before, and what alcohol you've used it with!

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There are seven plates that come with the Sake Hake, all domestically grown wood, from two main areas, Hokkaido, and Tenryu, with the following being included: Mongolian Oak, Birch, Chestnut, Cedar, Hinoki Cypress, Cherry Blossom, and Maple.

7 Plates To Blend in Various Ways!

Made using wood that comes from sustainable forest thinning

The creators want to help thinning processes which helps to promote healthy forests, and is a needed part of forestry. This project uses wood from that is felled during these thinning periods, and as such helps in the pursuit of forests that thrive! 

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