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Three different versions of the AirTag Carabiner is available! Each version of the AirTag Carabiner is made by various metalworking companies that have a long history of working with the specific types of metals used!  

Designed by professional metal workers

Made In Japan AirTag Carabiner

3 different specially made in Japan AirTag Carabiners made using precision metal work all made to suit whatever your lifestyle is! Keep your items safe and secure, and never need to worry about where they are with these custom AirTag Carabiners which lets you put your own AirTags inside and track where things are. The AirTag carabiners are made by employing the skills of amazing Japanese metalworkers which have been honed over years.

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Choose the metal that fits your lifestyle

Brass, duralumin, and stainless steel versions are available. Each metal is suited to different lifestyles and fashions. You can take the stainless steel version out while you're around water, the duralumin version when you go climbing as it is lightweight but sturdy, or the brass version which seems to age over time.

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