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The Serow Ridge Hat: The Next Step in Headwear!

Super stretchy and breathable, the fabric used has its foundation in Banshuu Ori a fabric that has 230 years of history! Extremely comfortable to wear, with breathability, and stretchiness, and being lightweight that surpasses the cotton that is used to make it, the Ryufuu Ori makes for a brilliant textile that can be worn in any season while giving you a completely new sense of comfort! 

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The fabric has the comfort of cotton while having stretchability that doesn’t hinder the body’s movement and isn’t restricting due to body shape, making it similar to stretchwear. This was made possible by adding a small amount of polyurethane to the weft yarn, which has made this incredibly stretchy fabric. This is the result of much trial and error, with much effort going into looking for the best weaving yarns, which is what has made the Ryufuu Ori! 

Super Stretchy

A breathability that lets you feel the wind

Thanks to the amazing folding of the warp and weft threads, there are extremely minute holes between the threads, making it like a mosquito net. Even in the hot summer sun, you should be able to feel the wind blow straight through. 

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