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The fabric was chosen to answer pet owners' main concern, shedding. Not only is this fabric hair repellant, it is also an outstanding fabric in terms of comfort, stretch, lightness, easy care, and beautiful drape.

Hair Repellant Fabric

LAUGHUS Blouse & Trousers: Pet hair stick no more!

From the minds of pet-loving Japanese apparel makers, these blouses and trousers are made so that your pets' fur doesn't stick to you! The goal is to enable pets and owners to spend better quality time together by solving one of the most frequent problems that come up when owning a furry companion. These garments are also packed with many other amazing features!

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As Functional as Confortable!

This stretchy material makes it very comfortable and easy to move around without feeling tight, perfect to exercise with your pet. But that is not all, it also is stain and wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, UV-cutting, and packed with pockets and other convenient features! With 6 strategically placed pockets on the pants and 2 pockets on the blouse, large and small, open and zippered, you can keep your belongings close to you and safely store your valuables on your person while keeping your hands free!

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