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The ONE& Gadget Bag! Meet all your gadget carrying needs

Perfect for those that travel a lot or make use of shared offices, this bag allows you to organise and store all your gadgets! With a special gadget board that lets you sort your items, and multiple ways to use the bag itself, it will support you through all your travel needs! It's perfect for those that are neat and tidy, as well as those that travel a lot, or just work a lot in a shared office! Don't miss out on the launch specials that will let you get up to 30% off the RRP of the bag! 

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Thanks to the special three compartments, you can easily fit al you need in one bag! The bag can be opened all the way, and can become a flat compartmentalised shape. This allows you to organise your things, and see your personal effects at a glance! The bag is also fitted with hooks that let you hang the bag up to see everything clearly!

A bag that looks to solve all your problems!

A special gadget board that helps you to organise!

The gadget board has various elastic straps that run vertically and horizontally, allowing you to organise and secure a variety of gadgets. This means it's easy to find your phone, or mouse, or chargers, and so on. It looks tidy and gives you a sense of relief when you see it, and you can find what you need straight away!

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