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Fully Made in Japan, this cashmere neck warmer upgraded for Kickstarter will last you a lifetime, and only gets softer over time! Made using extremely heat-retentive, soft-to-the-touch pure cashmere, it is unlike other cashmere as it is machine washable, and becomes even softer and fluffier as you wash it!

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The OLTAS Cashmere Neckwarmer uses an in-house developed special structured cashmere fabric.

The first layer (the outer facing layer) is 100% jersey-knit cashmere (plain stitch), the second layer is a layer that uses polyester thread to increase the stretchiness and strength, and the third layer (which touches the skin) is 100% cashmere that has been given a piled finish to create a softness that you’ve never felt before.

Made using a three layer structure

Perfect for extreme weather

It can be used for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, as well as cycling, commuting, mountain climbing or just everyday wear, the possibilities are endless! Members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition wore them, and the OLTAS CASHMERE NECKWARMER has been used in various situations. As it is breathable, you can pull it over your nose and not have any trouble breathing! 

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