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The portable footbath can be ideally used outdoors as it uses stones heated in a campfire to heat the water. These granite stones have many merits, such as a better control and adjustment of the water temperature, good heat storage allowing for long-lasting warmth, and the nice benefit of portability, so you can use the foot bath without having to be near a fire source! These stones can withstand heat up to approximately 600°C. They can maintain the temperature for 15 minutes and remain warm thereafter!

Water Heating With Granite Hot Stones

Portable Footbath |Enjoy Japan's Hotspring Culture On The Go

A footbath set based on traditional Japanese relaxation methods! With specially made heating stones, say bye to tired feet! Enjoy the Japanese culture of Hot Spring and Footbath anywhere you go, and give your feet a relaxing time while enjoying the outdoor.

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Easy to Assemble in One Minute, to Use Anywhere On the Go!

This footbath can be assembled easily and quickly in about 1 minute! Allowing you to quickly set up your footbath when you feel like it! From a camping trip to a BBQ lunch, or after some hiking in the cold winter snow, this portable footbath will bring you warmth and relaxation in various situations.

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