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Kurume Kasuri Ninja Pants: Traditional pants for modern life

A new look at a traditional style of pants, the Monpan that uses Kurume Kasuri a fabric that has 200 years of history! Modeled to look like pants that were worn by ninja, and are are based on the traditional workwear pants, monpe. They are freeflowing and easy to wear. The fabric is comfortable in any environment, that gives a stress-free silhouette, and is lightweight and nice to the touch. With Launch specials also available, you should sign up so you can jump in when the project goes live!

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The dyed yarn is unravelled into individual threads, and then woven to create a piece of fabric. 

This results in kasuri clothing that doesn't look worn even after being used for over 10 years! They are made for everyday use, and thanks to the quality and durability of the fabric, you can wear them for a long time! 

Durable kurume kasuri fabric made to last years

Traditional fabric that has been around for 200 years

Kurume Kasuri fabric has been in use for over 200 years, and was created by an ingenious young girl who took her kimono apart and dyed the individual threads of the fabric and then rewove it to create a special pattern. This kasuri pattern makes the fabric look like it is blurred and has been a popular fabric to use over many years.

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