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All you need to do is attach the nobelt to the front button of your pants and hook the other side on the belt loop, it is easy-peasy! The pants are then fixed in place by narrowing the space between the button and belt loop. Unlike regular belts, nobelt does not tighten around the waist, making it very comfortable to wear.

Super Easy To Use!

nobelt: A compact and easy to wear solution to belts!

No need for traditional belts with the nobelt, a soft leather mini belt that only uses the first loop and button on your trousers! Compact, easy, convenient, and above all simple, nobelt. You can tackle a number of belt related problems with a single nobelt.

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Easy On The Waist

General belts out there wrap around one’s waist and are tightened, as a result though, not only does it feel tight, but it can also put a strain on your internal organs when wearing it for long periods of time if not careful.

The nobelt on the other hand, only tightens and secures your pants by having it on the button and first belt loop, making it very gentle on one’s body.

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