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This kimono Smartphone Case project features two types of fabrics and crafts, Kinsai Yuzen and Kinran. Kinsai is a general term for the traditional Japanese technique of decorating a handcraft or a kimono fabric such as Kyo-Yuzen with gold leaf, silver leaf, and metal powder. Techniques such as embossing, gold painting, and foil printing are used to create a gorgeous and shiny finish on Kyo-Yuzen fabric. Kinran is known as the process of adding gold to fabric thread that has been wound with gold leaf, or weaving thin gold leaf into the fabric itself. Among all the different styles of textiles, this extravagant style that shines gold is said to be the most luxurious style of traditional textiles from Kyoto.

Enjoy traditional crafts and arts at your fingertips!

Brilliant iPhone cases made from rare and luxurious gold brocade kimono fabric! To make the brilliant traditional Japanese Kimono crafts of Kinran and Kinsai sustainable, this project incorporates kimono fabrics that make use of these ancient techniques in handmade cases fitting the Apple iPhone 14 series! 

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KIMONO FABRIC iPhone 14 Case

Well thought out designs!

The Kinsan Yuzen fabric is made into one simple cushioned case design with a puff touch finish that feels good to the touch and further protects your phone, and a soft TPU case, resistant to impact and easy to attach to your phone! The Kinran fabric is featured on both a simple case and a flipbook-style case. The special Pearltone™ finish permeates each thread one by one and allows it to repel water.

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