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At Nikken, when it comes to the creation of our scissors, our blades go through a two-step process to add the edge to the blade. Using a coarse sharpening stone, the edge of the blade is created, then using a finer grinding stone, the edge is sharpened to make it cut even better. This work is all done by hand! This process is one of the most important processes when it comes to the cutting ability of the scissors. The blades are also coated with a special coating made of fluorine and other components, that is super effective in reducing the sticky effect when cutting materials such as duct tape!

Carefully sharpened by skilled craftsmen

The Seki Sound Scissors: Bring new style to your desk!

From Seki City, Japan's cutlery manufacturing capital, this new pair of scissors are perfect for music lovers and stationery lovers! The Seki Sound Scissors are a pair of scissors that from concept to completion have been produced in Seki City, with the final design using the motif of a guitar. Each pair of scissors are made one by one by amazing craftsmen, and are made to not only have an interesting design, but also be completely functional.

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An original and playful design!

The Seki Sound Scissors are not only a brilliant pair of scissors that have a wonderful cutting ability, but also a pair of scissors that are playful and stylish, something that would be fun to take in your own hands and use. The design of the Seki Sound Scissors is based off of one of the most famous types of electric guitars, the Stratocaster!

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