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Nambu Tekki Iron Pot: Make delicious fluffy rice with ease!

This traditionally made iron pot utilises traditional ironware casting methods to make a pot that is versatile and durable! Rice that has been cooked in such a pot is beloved by many Japanese people, thanks to the unique flavour that is embued through cooking with the pot. It can also be used to cook a variety of stews and so on, making it a wonderfully versatile item for your kitchen!  Amazing launch specials are available for the first 24 hours which lets you pick up the pot at 40% off! Sign up so you can get notified on launch!

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Cast iron products not only are great at conducting heat but also retaining it! Food that has been cooked in a Nambu Tekki Pot stays warm until you have served it up. This makes it possible to enjoy tasty rice for longer!

Amazing Heat Retentive Properties

Using a specially fired wood lid

The lid that comes with the pot is specially made, firing it to carbonise the surface, which helps to improve its durability and prevent detoriation and moulding. The lid is a natural cedar wood, that transfers its aroma into the food that is being cooked, making each dish unique!

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