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Mt. Fuji Bottle Cooler: Beautifully crafted & lightweight

Made using knowledge built up over 108 years using Japanese craftsmanship, these coolers are made from natural cedar. This wonderful wood is perfect for use in bottle coolers, thanks to its natural properties, especially its moisture control, which means that even after standing with ice inside for hours, you won't have to worry about condensation!  Special launch returns are available for the first 24 hours which let you back the project and get a bottle cooler at up to 40% off!  

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The combination of the warm wood and the beautiful processing and manufacturing of the cooler makes for a wonderful centrepiece at any party. The cedar also has various properties that makes it extremely suitable for this type of cooler, with it being able to hold ice without any moisture leaking out!

Using natural Japanese Cedar! 

Beautifully handmade by artisans 

The coolers are handmade and processed by hand, with the finish on each cooler being silky smooth, with a wonderful feel to it. Each one is unique as well thanks to being handmade, meaning that no other person will have the same cooler as you! 

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