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Monpe Makuru - Traditional Japanese Pants for a Modern Life

By upcycling Japanese fabrics, the creator has updated the traditional Japanese work pants to be easily rolled up for extra comfort and movement. Based on pants that have been around for centuries, the monpe makuru look to make your everyday life even more comfortable while not interfering while riding a bike or when doing work outside!

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The cut-and-sew fabric at the hem is made to be more stretchy and thinner to match the main fabric of the pants. Despite being thin, it is still strong thanks to the double-layer structure. This update got rid of one problem with the old-fashioned and traditional monpe, which was that it was only tight and compressed in the calf.

Double-layered structure increases strength while reducing pressure

Fully Manufactured in Japan

The finished result of clothing is not perfect just because there are blueprints. Clothing is the final product that is completed through the divided work of many. When comparing it to cooking for example, even if you have a recipe for a Japanese dish, it does not mean it will have the same authentic taste if it is made outside of Japan. You can try, but there are many factors that play into it. For that reason, SAGYO's manufacturing process is conducted within Japan.

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