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Mikawa Cotton Haori and Wide-Style Pants: Soft Yet Sturdy

Using traditionally-made Mikawa Cotton, they are high-quality, comfortable yet sturdy, and get even more comfortable as you wear them! With a unique design, made with a traditional Japanese fit, but updated for modern everyday life, this pants and haori set utilise high-quality Mikawa Cotton which has been used since time immemorial as it is a sturdy yet supple fabric.

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Mikawa Cotton is special in the fact that the more it is worn, the more comfortable it gets. It is a thick and sturdy fabric and has a long history in Japan being used for everyday use. 
Compared to other fabrics, it is thicker, as well as being seen as sturdier and well made. 

A soft yet sturdy fabric that gets better the more it is worn! 

A colour that suits various situations; an expressive black

The cotton itself is dyed to become an expressive black. This delicate colour is one of the unique properties of the haori and pants. The creators have ensured that not all the threads of the fabric use a black dye, but instead, they wove greys and whites into the fabric, which allows for a delicate and expressive black colour, that is not possible by just dyeing the whole fabric black.

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